hey boss!

You’re doing all. the. things.

Staring down your wildest dreams, making a difference,

and tackling everything that stands in your way.

i see you!

But, it’s time to free up your time to work on your business,

not just in your business.

Hi! I’m Becca!

I love HGTV, am a personal development junkie and I like to sprinkle in some woo for good measure.


I’m SUPER passionate about business. It’s completely nerdy. I could talk about business strategies and marketing ideas 24/7 and never ever stop. This passion fuels excitement into my work of helping goal-driven entrepreneurs continually grow their businesses.

You’re just moments away from giving yourself a promotion.

Do you prefer CEO,

Founder, or Chief Curator?

It’s time for you to step into your CEO life instead of just coming up for air between admin tasks, your multiple to-do lists (Trello board, sticky notes, candy wrapper… yeah, I saw that), email campaigns, social media posts, and engagement.

You’re one decision away from a better business and life.

“Becca is a phenomenal administrative assistant! She was always prompt in her tasks, going above and beyond her "paid duties." She is a blessing to work with!”

Kelli, The Biz Runners

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