4 Items In My Hospital Bag The Second Time Around

Since this is my second time around I have 4 must-have items to pack in my hospital bag, that I forgot the first time!


I haven’t had Cable TV in years #commercialfreelife, the last thing I want to do is stare at a screen telling me things like, “You need a Mercedes” hahahahaha we would not fit in your Mercedes, friend. Annnddddd word on the street (at Grandmas house) is all the political advertisements are out, thanks but no thanks.

Pro tip: we also take our Roku with us when we stay in hotels. Free WiFi = power 🙃

Noise Maker

Girl, I don’t care if you have to snag your babies Munchkin noise maker off the new nursery nightstand, you need something to smooth out the eery silence that is nights in a hospital. My go-to will be my Rainmate machine!

Nursing Sports Bras

True rookie mistake for my first go round was bringing regular sports bras. I know, every seasoned momma reading this just cringed a little. Pulling them up and having a sports bra in your face while you’re trying to learn how to nurse is not enjoyable or comfortable. But I like to save money so I thought, why would I need a special bra when I already have some?? Because. You. Do. That’s why! Also just putting a regular sports bra on was painful by day two as I was already very sore! I also am partial to this kind that clip in the back so you don’t have to pull them over your head to get them on or off!


That’s right, the food situation at a hospital leaves everything to be desired. Let’s be real what do we want right after delivery? A lunch meat sandwich, and entire bottle of wine, every desert you can dream of, a cheese burger bigger than our faces, and more chocolate. But, we don’t actually get any of those things. After attempting a “hamburger” from the cafeteria the first time I ordered after delivery and it was mushy and tasteless I ended up ordering French toast for every. single. meal. until we left the hospital. This time I will be bringing plenty of easily stored snacks. Kind bars will be a must. Fruit cups, so that I everything I eat isn’t dry! And chocolate, like these blueberry and pomegranate ones.

My must have item that I did pack for my first delivery!

Face wipes, like these! I won’t lie these were my FAVORITE thing I packed when I had G. I wanted to freshen up often but I also didn’t want to move for fear of well, just making more of a mess and being super uncomfortable. Buy the best brand and smelling ones you can find momma, you deserve it!

These 5 items are sure to make our hospital stay a bit more comfortable this second time around! I plan to have them packed up a few weeks in advance so I feel ready to go whenever baby girl decides. 


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