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Questions and comments are encouraged but it’s asked that those be expressed without any negative vibes.   Everyone has their struggles, and anyone who finds themselves at Happieness by the Handful wants at least a little, if not a lot more happiness in their lives so let’s make sure we act and speak (type) as if that’s our collective goal.  Be nice and be helpful, we are here to learn, thrive and of course, feel happy.

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At some point the content in this blog may be used as a source of income and therefore may be used to promote products and services.  Any product or service that is recommended at Happiness by the Handful is because we personally have experienced how said product or service can positively impact your practical journey to a happier life.  We will never promote a product or service that we do not personally believe will add a little happiness to your journey.  Not all associated content within the text of this blog may be noted as an affiliate in every reference.

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We will never share your email address with third parties.  Because, well, that would not make you happier.


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