Nothing Has Meaning, Except the Meaning You Give It

Everything you feel is because of a meaning you’ve attached to something.  People often mistake that how they see something is reality.  It’s actually not.  It’s merely your reality.  Only yours.  It’s not easy to accept this or to live by it, but it is true.  The meaning you give things are personal, some are inherited views, some come from good or bad experiences, the past, your fears, your goals, your dislikes, or interests.

We have a thought, which encompasses our own meaning, which triggers our emotions, and therefore affects how we feel at any given moment. – Becca Eberhart

Understanding this could rid you of a lot of negative feelings and experiences.  Knowing that you can choose what something means to you can give you a great power and sense of security that you never had.  Things that we deem bad or negative often cause us to feel sadness, resentment,  or anger because of what something meant to us.  Choosing to change what something means to you can empower you to at least neutralize how you feel about something and therefore how certain things affect your happiness.  I am not at all saying to not have meaningful things in your life.  In that case, nothing would matter and neither would your happiness.

Think about some things in your days and in your life that you know negatively affect your happiness.  What happening?  Who’s involved?  Now in a certain circumstance what is the meaning you’re giving something?  Can you give it a different meaning? (The answer is yes).  You may not want to, and it will be hard.  But you create your reality.  Meanings are often implied but you don’t have to accept them, you have the power to choose the meaning you give to anything.

I will give you a list of statements: It’s cloudy out today.  It’s raining the next two days.  The bakery is sold out of your favorite cupcake.  Traffic is slow.  You forgot something at home.  All of these things are actually neutral.  It’s the meaning you personally give them that determines if they are good or bad.
Why do some people get upset about something and the person next to them doesn’t seem bothered?  Because they each have given the circumstances different meanings.  Why does someone say something about you and you could care less but if a friend or family member said the same thing you would take it to heart?  Because the meaning you give their opinions are different.  You can rid yourself of a lot of negative feelings and increase your happiness by giving things that negatively affect you different meanings.

Say you had plans and they had to change because of the weather, or conflict of plans, whatever it was and you feel upset and stressed.  You were looking forward to it and now it won’t happen.  The absence of doing something only has the meaning you give it.

You are in control.  Open up your consciousness to increase the awareness of how you think about certain things.  Once you can acknowledge that you are choosing the meaning you give to all things, you give yourself the power to change those meanings, which will change how you feel.

This is your practical journey to a happier life.  Take the steps.  Your happiness is just as important as anyone else’s.


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