Start Your Christmas Gifts Sinking Fund Now!

23 weeks until Christmas.

I know! I know! I’m sorry!

A little secret? I already have 8 Xmas gifts done! There was a DIY gift I didn’t get around to last year, so this year I made sure I committed to it!

Anyways, do you want to save up $500 by Christmas? Here’s how!

To create your Christmas sinking fund (don’t know what a sinking fund is? Find out here):

1.) Grab an envelope!
2.) Write Xmas SF on the front.
3.) Decide where you’ll keep your envelope.

I prefer a fire proof safe, but if you don’t have one of those I remember my parents used to keep envelopes in a canister on the kitchen counter, your sock drawer works just as well, so does a file drawer, wherever you feel is safe!

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4.) Each pay period you’ll withdraw cash out and put it in your sinking fund envelope.

This is just like paying a bill. Once you withdraw the money it’s as good as spent! Don’t take anything out of this envelope until you go Christmas shopping! If you really don’t think you can handle leaving the money alone, bi-weekly or monthly you could use the cash to buy gift cards to places you’ll buy gifts from such as Walmart, Target or Amazon and then keep those in the envelope instead.

The holidays come around every year at the same time, don’t let this year sneak up on you.

Struggling with your Christmas Gifts Sinking Fund? Message me on FB or Insta for a little motivation!

You can do this!


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