Believe In Yourself, Stop Believing Yourself

Do you have all the dreams and ideas, you start to map out the steps, the supplies you need, the cost, how it will affect your daily schedule and your family, you start the initial prep work but when it comes to putting it out into the world for people to see or once you get to the step you’ve never done before you can’t move forward? You think you need the answers or the experience before you take another step. Which will never be possible. You have to believe in yourself – that you can do hard things, you can do new things, you can do uncertain things.

Your mind will hold you back for years or even your whole life if you don’t push so hard past what you believe – and instead believe in yourself!

So what do you need to push past? How do you break free from your doubts and fears? You do the hard things. And you do them now, today, this weekend, and you keep doing them until you’re going after everything you’ve ever wanted, despite your doubts, despite the unknown, and despite your fear of failure.

Identify your stopping point.

This is the point you get to on every new idea you have that you can’t pass. You’ve come up with ideas, a plan, you’ve created things, but you can’t move forward from here. What is it? This point is the one thing you need to break through. This is the point between where you are now – where you have been for so long and where you’ve always wanted to be. And this point usually isn’t as hard or as scary to bridge as you ever imagined it would be.

Never Allow Waiting To Become A Habit

You can wait your whole life away and that would be the easy route. The only difference between you and the successful people you see is they made the choice to take action – over and over again. When they didn’t have it all planned out. They’d never done it before. No one had ever done it before, and despite all the excuses they could come up with.

You must do the things you think you cannot do.

If you ever find yourself sitting there thinking you couldn’t possibly do something, THAT something is most likely the very thing you need to do. Right now.

Your future depends on what you do today.

“Every single today adds up and equals your future.”

Becca Eberhart

You have to take the steps today that lead you to the place you dream to be in the future. Time is our only non-renewable resource. There is a lot of value in today, despite how many of us take each day for granted. Make the choices: exercise or fast food, e-course or Netflix, YouTube learn a new skill or nap. Who you are and where you’ll be tomorrow always depends on what you do today.


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