Change Starts in Your Thoughts

Changing the way you think is not easy.  As humans, we usually opt for easy.  I mean, we’re all about convenience, quick, and automatic.  Changing your mindset won’t be any of those things.  What it will be is worth it.  Two main changes need to happen to become a more positive person, before all the little things, you need to 1. let go of negative thoughts as quickly as they come to you, and 2. think and speak in positive affirmations.

Why? Because what you send out, you attract.

Since negative thoughts and conversations seem to happen everywhere, all the time, we’ll start there.  Negative thoughts create negative vibes.  So here’s what happens, you send out a negative vibe by thinking negatively or complaining, then the universe sends more undesirable outcomes back to you because that’s what you’re attracting.  It’s too easy to think of the worst case scenario, that you can’t reach your goals, or you’ll never have nice things.  The list is infinite of negative thoughts that run through our minds each day. The amount of progress that is inhibited by those thoughts is immeasurable.  If you constantly think you’ll never have nice things, then your washer goes out, and then you proceed to say SEE I will never have nice things, what you may not yet understand is that you are attracting these things.

No, I’m not saying that if you are Mrs. Positive Pants that nothing will ever go wrong, or go bad or break, but you will notice they happen a whole lot less.  And when they do happen you will have the ability to handle the situation with so much less stress and deal with it as such a minimal situation, versus the end of the world.

Let’s take a moment right now to clarify too, you also can’t just sit at home doing nothing and *think happy thoughts* and expect everything wonderful to show up on your doorstep like a package from Amazon Prime.

No, you have to both think and see the world positively and then go out and work for what you want.  Those two things together are the magic sauce. The best thing you can do when those negative thoughts come to you, let them go.  As fast as they came to you. This will be extremely difficult at first and become easier the more you try.  And over time, not today, not tomorrow and probably not even next month, but soon you will look back and realize those thoughts aren’t the first that pop into your mind, and you don’t speak about your struggles or what’s holding you back compulsively like you used to.  Every time you consciously catch yourself acknowledging a negative thought, you’re getting it.

At first, when it seems like the only thing your brain even holds is negativity try challenging your thoughts if you can’t let go of them right away.  You’re going to counter them with a positive affirmation.

This is a thought that is positive and is something you want to be the truth.

So if a common thought you have is – I can’t reach my goals. Let that go, and immediately say to yourself, I can reach my goals.  The more specific you can be the better.  If a goal of yours is to run a 5k, you can say – each day I am getting closer to running a 5k.  If a goal of yours is to try new things, you can say – I will try something new three times within the next year.  At first when you are saying these things to yourself you definitely won’t believe them.  You’ll most likely feel like your 12 year-old-self reluctantly doing the dishes.  You may think, why would I say any of these things if I don’t believe them?  Because they are what you want.  If you truly want these things then talk about them as if they are already true.  Just like negative thoughts send out negative vibes, positive affirmations send out positive vibes, and that is what you want to attract.

Say your current goals are to lose 10 pounds, to procrastinate less, and payoff debt.  Incorporate these positive habits into your life to help get to your goals faster.  Of course you’ll have to exercise, make to-do lists, and save money as a part of your goals; but if it seems like you’re going through the motions and still not getting anywhere, take a look at your thoughts.  Anything negative you feel or believe about your goals – work to let that go by thinking those thoughts as little as possible.

Then start to use positive affirmations to attract what you do want faster.  I am getting healthier everyday, I am more productive, and my bill is paid in full.  At first you don’t have to believe it, you just have to learn how to do it.  Believing yourself will come later.  As you try to work on this, be nice to yourself.  It’s not easy, but don’t give up just because it will take time, the time will pass anyway.


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