Happy New Year

Happy New Year to YOU!

While I was thinking about what I wanted for myself  in 2018 I briefly thought about what I accomplished in 2017.  I wondered what I could take away from 2017, and initially I didn’t really feel like I accomplished much, but then I realized, in an instant that I learned, maybe, the greatest lesson of my life.

My takeaway from last year?

Do something before you’re ready.

It’s ok to do something before you’re ready.

You must do things before you’re ready.

It’s been about 9 months since I’ve done a post and my abrupt stop came after a long overdue change in my life, a career change! For eight years I stayed with the same job simply because it was easy, “safe”, and frankly change scares me…really it’s the unknown that scares me, but change often comes with some unknowns. Hence, I actually believe that I never would have felt ready.

When I really thought about it, how much would it hold me back if I lived my whole life waiting until I felt ready? Realizing I would miss out on so much has given me a new perspective. I had just never realized the magnitude of staying complacent, it’s really not safe at all.

I feel like I have a new super power, or at the least I have a choice. Not know what the future holds so stay where I am, or take a chance and see things, do things, make a difference, make an impact, and meet people. I may not have accomplished much more in 2017 but what a great lesson it was. It may have changed my entire future.

My goal here for this year is to post atleast every other week. I want to dive more into manifesting, and creating our reality, practical tips to be happier every day, and money.

Here’s to 2018. May you create more happiness for yourself everyday. Cheers


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