You Can’t Get To A Place You Don’t Believe Exists

There are all of these things that you want in life but you think to yourself you’ll never get there.  What you believe has an impact on what you can achieve.  This is why you can’t get to a place you don’t believe exists.

Where do you want to get to?  Have your family be debt free?  Consistently keep a clean and organized home?  Have a meaningful and fun relationship?  Work for yourself?  Lose ten pounds? Whatever it is you want you have to be able to see yourself at that point in your life, now.  If you can’t envision it, then it’s likely you don’t believe it exists.

For as long as you say you want something and then contradict your own thoughts and desires by not believing you can get there, you won’t.  Thinking things like you don’t deserve it, you don’t have enough money, the time, or you’re not smart enough are common contradictions that are only true because you’re telling yourself they are.  You can’t successfully make a change or reach a goal while trying to push your own self out of the way the entire time.  You’re mentally, visually, and quite literally physically blocking yourself from getting what you want.

Take a few seconds to visualize yourself living out your goals.  Picture yourself working in your home office, at your dream job, ten pounds lighter, or wherever it is you want to be.

How do you feel now?  Likely happy, relaxed, or accomplished.  Visualizing yourself where you’d like to be is a great way to get yourself feeling the way you need to attract the things you want.  Generating feelings of being capable, worthy, and strong propel you toward your goals versus the common contradictions that hold you back.

A lot of us played pretend when we were younger.  I remember playing teacher a lot, and look what I’m doing today.  Why did we pretend?  Because it made us feel like we wanted or made us who we wanted to be at any given moment.  Anything was possible.  Why was it so easy to pretend to be an astronaut, the president, a nurse, teacher, or scientist?  Because back then we believed anything was possible so we didn’t reverse our thoughts right after having them.  We have to get back in the mindset where we believe we can be who we want to be and do the things we want to do.  Believe where you want to be exists, with you in it.

You have to be strong enough to change your mindset to enable you to see yourself in the place you desire.  It does take real energy and physical effort to do this.  It seems like we contradict ourselves by default, so to think and act against that will take work.  Just as much work as physically going for a run to tone and lose weight.  Maybe you think, well I’ve never made my dreams come true, so apparently I can’t get there.  Have you ever considered that you thinking that way is actually the reason, your biggest barrier between where you want to be and where you are today?  Don’t be naive to think that you shouldn’t have to believe in yourself, or be able to see what you want as a reality, to make progress.  If it’s something you want in this life then don’t undermine yourself, work on believing the place you want to get to exists.  Create thoughts that support your actions, and then get to work.


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