You Create The Life You Want

We like to tell ourselves stories about why everything is out of our control, but the truth is no other person or thing has to be, do or have anything different for YOU to create the life you want. 

Where you’re going depends on your thoughts.

Where you end up depends on your actions.

You will be more frustrated and disappointed with the things you didn’t do or try for then you ever will with the results you get from trying, whether it ends up how you wanted or not. 

What do feel holds you back from getting started? 

Most people say they don’t have the time or the money or other resources. I told myself that for the longest time.

But it’s become clear that the real hindrance of progress is fear and/or laziness.

When you’re stuck in a cycle of ideas and thoughts and creating things with no actual purpose it’s because you’re either afraid or lazy. You’re afraid of failing, of what people will think and say, or wasting money. But, the truth is trying and failing – or trying and learning and changing lanes – and trying again will be so much more impactful then doing nothing. You will learn either what works or what doesn’t, but either way you learn.

A hard one to accept is if we’re just being lazy. Say it louder for those on the couch with Netflix turned up. It’s so easy to get in a slump where you’re not creating or you’re not going to the gym, you haven’t networked, or brainstormed new ideas in awhile. It’s hard to get out of, but realize, that sitting and coming up with ideas with no actions will never give you the results you desire.

You have to really decide for yourself that you are going to get up off that couch and not just think about what you want to do but decide what the action steps are between where you are now and where you want to be.

Then you have to do step 1.

Then you have to do step 2.

And while it sounds simple – when you’re in a rut or you’re so used to never getting past the brain storming phase it takes mental strength and desire for more to finally DO something. 

Take action before you’re ready. Before you think you have the right education, equipment, contacts or money. 

What’s most important is that you know that no one and nothing is holding you back except for yourself.



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